Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cotton Soft Japanese Cheesecake

Cara bakar water bath. Letak air lebih kurang tinggi 1 inci. Dalam gambar ni guna loyang spring 8 inci.
Yang ini saya guna loyang 8 inci tidak berpateri. So, tak perlu dibalut dengan aluminium foil.
Sumber resepi diperolehi dari:

Cotton Soft Japanese Cheesecake
140g fine granulated sugar
6 egg whites
6 egg yolks
1\4 tsp cream of tartar
50g butter
250g Philadelphia cream cheese
100 ml fresh milk
1 tbsp lemon juice
60g superfine flour (I used cake flour and sifted it twice)
20g cornflour
1/4 tsp salt

Step 1:
Melt cream cheese, butter and milk in a double boiler. Cool the mixture.Fold in the flours, egg yolks, lemon juice and mix well.

Step 2:
Whisk egg whites with cream of tartar until foamy.Add in the sugar and whisk until soft peaks form.

Step 3:
Add the cheese mixture to the egg white mixture and mix well. Pour into a 8 inch round cake pan ( Lightly grease and line the bottom and sides of the pan with greaseproof baking paper or parchment paper).

Step 4:
Bake cheesecake in a water bath for 1 hours 10 minutes or until set and golden brown at 160 C (325 F). 

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